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Ever take a date out on your bike, but get caught in that “what the heck do I wear on my feet” scenario? Clearly, proper riding boots provide you with the most protection, but walking into a restaurant or anywhere else with knee high race boots will usually get you a few sideways looks – maybe even a snicker or two.

For the last several months I’ve been working on changing that, wearing Alpinestars latest half boot / half shoe – the S-MX 2. What is the S-MX 2? Grab an S-MX 4 full length boot and saw the top half off, and you’ve got the S-MX 2.

The S-MX 2 is a top grain leather side entry shoe / boot (that’s a mouthful!) With a side zipper and Velcro enclosure, the shoe latches for fit with a ski-boot type strap over the top. The shorty boot is packed with features like a shifter protector, hard-back shell for ankle protection, and replaceable toe sliders. The low cut design of this shoe makes it extremely comfortable to wear and walk in – I can vouch for this. You don’t “creak” with every step like you do in a full length boot, and the all-black version we tried is subtle enough to pass for normal walking gear so you don’t look like you’ve just walked off the last transport ship to dock at your local spaceport.

Though the shoe is packed full of protective features - clearly many steps above a hiking boot, a running shoe or the proverbial “I’m a squid, look at my sandals” – it won’t measure up to a full length boot. That being said, any serious rider who’s been on their butt at least once knows the value of proper safety gear, yet also knows the struggle of compromise – keeping themselves safe while not looking like a twit when you get off your ride and try to blend in with the rest of the everyday world.

In the end, the Alpinestars S-MX 2 boot offers a comfortable and safe compromise for everyday riding, and it’s become my footwear of choice for short hops and trips around town.

The S-MX 2 retails for $189.95 and is also available in a fully waterproof version.

We’ve got an extra pair of new, all black S-MX 2’s in one specific and very secret size here in our office, and we’re going to give the pair away to one of our lucky readers by random selection – the reader who matches that secret size. And no – they’re not the ones I’ve been wearing for the last two months!

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