F&F meets the Busa & 12R in new movie


Ricky G says he worked on this flick as a consultant/double.

Sadly, all I see is another flick that will result in another slam against our already troubled reputation and higher insurance rates due to the increased number of dead wannabe squids.

Sure, F&F was "entertaining", but I didn't go out and put NOS on my late bro's Talon. It seemed I was in the minority. The "performance" ricer car market and street racer scene has grown multi-fold since the first F&F came out (a second F&F is in the works in Miami) and has reach even the most smallest and rural of communites.

You can't tell me that the same isn't gonna happen to the hyperbike world with this flick. What makes this worse is that these kids had to spend $$$ to just get a "ten second" car. With the 12Rs and Busas, they are already starting off with a NINE SECOND bike. Can you say "insurance rates through the roof and more hassles from the man"? I knew you could.

Ambulance crews will have to start carrying spatchulas to scrap the pukes up off the pavement. Thanks Larry and Kid Rock for setting back the sportbike rider's world in a way that we may never be able to recover from. Look how long it took the bike world to recover from one staged photograph from Hollister (and later, Brando and Marvin's "hip cat" movie).

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