My Muzzy damper was replaced.

Thanks guys for the info.

A while back, it was blowing oil out onto my top triple clamp. Not good. When I read ya'll's posts, I took it off and checked it out. There was little resistence at the highest setting and it made a gurgling sound. Not good either.

I knew it was one of the first ones that Muzzy sold when I got it in Sept. '01. When I called and was told that Doug was on "vacation", I kinda freaked. When Dave Turner said he wasn't familar with this "problem" and told me that the warranty had long since expired, I really freaked.

He took my information and said I should go ahead and send it back. He'd check to see if it "qualifies" for this supposed "exchange" and get back with me if ther was a problem.

We'll the replacement damper arrived today. The only thing it said on the ticket (besides "no charge") was, "ONE OF THE FIRST ZX-12R DAMPERS WE SOLD. NOW HAS A LEAK. HE SAYS ON THE INTERNET, PEOPLE ARE SAYING WE REPLACE THEM AT NO CHARGE."

I guess my old damper "qualified". Thanks for the heads up, guys.

BTW - It now has more resistence at it's lowest setting then my old one had at it's highest setting. I remember in my "review" I posted about the damper, I said I wish it had more settings that were higher. All the while, other folks were running their Muzzy dampers at half of what I had mine. I guess my was kinda defective from the get go

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