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Alpinestars already has a huge line up in the crowded leathers market but the innovative Italian company continuously develops new products to distinguish themselves from the competition. Alpinestars utilizes feedback from their sponsored Moto GP and WSB racers, Stoner, Hayden, Pedrosa, Haga, Spies and others along with proprietary laboratory testing to develop better protective equipment. Although top level riders are well compensated for their gear choices, they won’t work with companies they can’t count on. When high speed crashes are an inevitable part of your job, top quality protection means career longevity and more. Mika Kallio just became the first rider in competition to benefit from A-Stars electronic air bag suit technology when he crashed, without injury, at the Laguna Seca Moto GP round.

A lot of apparel companies sponsor racers but what the pros get for the track is not often duplicated on the retail rack. Alpinestars however is quite comfortable comparing their supported racer’s products to their production leathers. Attention to detail on their consumer goods is evident in areas like material quality, thickness, even using different stitch patterns to resist the anticipated shearing forces each seam may endure in a crash. Locking YKK zips prevent opening on extended pavement slides. Innovative accordian and aramidic stretch panels increase comfort and ensure protection stays properly placed. An obvious focus on ventilation and the importance of keeping body temps in the optimum safety range is evident.

A-Stars is also incorporating significant non-racer development and feedback to keep improving comfort, durability and their feature-benefit-value balance for a wider range of riders.

Tech 1-R One Piece Leather Suit

The new Tech 1-R suit $1,499.95 MSRP uses innovative construction, premium materials and selected race-derived safety features to provide high quality at a more affordable price than the current $2,500 Race Replica suit. Don’t want a one piece suit for the street? A Tech 1-R Jacket is available separately for $649.95 MSRP

Tech 1-R Jacket

Durban Gore-Tex Jacket & Pants show new focus on Adventure Touring

Alpinestars management made it clear they want Dual Sport and Adventure Touring riders' needs covered. Their premium, multi-fabric Durban pants and jacket offer enough convertability options and trick features to make a Swiss Army knife designer jealous. Waterproof external pockets, hydration options, plus detachable liner, sleeves and storage pouch are a few of the impressive features. Significantly, the Durban jacket and many other new Alpinestars jackets and chest protectors, are designed to integrate seamlessly with their popular Bionic Neck Protector. A-Stars believes neck protector usage will continue to increase among all types of riders and they want to help make it easy. Durban Pants $499.95 MSRP Jacket: $699.95 MSRP

Losail MotoGP Glove

Shake hands with enough pro road racers, especially veterans, and you’ll eventually notice something missing…parts of their hands! The little finger, especially, is vulnerable to lowside handlebar entrapment and the reason the Losail MotoGP glove incorporates a special “finger bridge”. The bridge flexibly secures your 3rd & 4th digits to help prevent finger separation and keep protection in place during an accident. You can still easily use two-finger clutch and braking techniques. The glove offers other high end features such as pre curvature, carbon fiber knuckles and excellent securement. $139.95 MSRP

MX Cooling Vest

A nice addition to Alpinestars growing hot weather line is the MX Cooling Vest which, despite its name, is also quite appropriate for non MX applications. The vest can assist core temperature reduction for street and off road riders and is said to work much better, IE longer, than the traditional wet T-shirt technique. $49.95 MSRP

ST Vented Boot

The ST Vented boot reportedly offers big comfort improvements through perforated panels, microfiber uppers and removable, multi-density, EVA padded, footbeds. Protection includes shin plates (with air intakes), dual density lateral/medial ankle cups with sliders, toe and forefoot barriers, plus reflective inserts for increased night time conspicuity. $179.95 MSRP

Stella line expands

A-stars continues to address the burgeoning female market with a stylish new waterproof Stella Seville City Jacket $199.95 MSRP. The Stella line also offers a premium, four-season, WR-V Gore-Tex glove $129.95 MSRP and an all weather Munich Dry Star glove $69.95 MSRP for urban commuting.

The new products are scheduled to arrive in dealerships by August 23rd. Get details on these and more new Alpinestars products at

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