Quotes from the Anaheim Supercross Press Day

By Jon Row

Andrew Short on how injuries and attrition can affect the series: “You have to be in it to win it---- if it was easy it wouldn’t be fun”

Kevin Wyndham on competitor intensity: "Tempers are flaring already—thank God I don’t twitter or tweet."
On race preparation in his 3rd decade of racing: "I have all the track maps but haven’t looked at them yet. After one practice I just see it and ride it".

Chad Reed on his new role as team owner and rider: “I had to sell my ear rings to buy a transporter.”
The first words he had with James Stewart so far this week? “Happy New Year!”

James Stewart when asked about riding more conservatively given his 90% win-or-crash race average: "I won’t be changing my riding style".
On NASCAR interest or offers after Pastrana and Deegan’s deals were announced: “My phone hasn’t been ringing off the hook”.

Ryan Dungey commenting on risky SX track designs: "They’ve gotten easier and more dangerous at the same time."

Ryan Dungey shows off his new 2010 SX Championship ring

Roger De Coster comparing notes with his former Suzuki team mates

Ralph Erin and Jeff are ready to do the heavy lifting for SPEED’s 7 live telecasts in 2011

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