Honda brings their electric scooter to MotoGP Paddock.

Honda's electric EV-neo is already available and in use in Japan, and now steps foot outside home borders by joining the MotoGP circuit. But why don't we get it over here yet? You would think it would be an easier task than the bigger challenge of electric cars. For now, MotoGP fans can be happy walking around the paddock breathing in less exhaust from all those team pit bikes.

Here's what honda had to say:

Honda have designed a commercial EV (electric vehicle) scooter to assist businesses dealing with the transport of heavy goods or delivery services and whilst providing a clean and quiet ride, it doesn't compromise power.

To demonstrate their never ending approach to producing environmental friendly products to a wider audience, Honda have created a special edition Repsol branded EV-neo that will be used by the riders and team at Honda Racing Corporation to move parts and personnel around at the MotoGP races worldwide. Honda is a company that always strives for environmental friendly technology whilst incorporating the most advanced equipment developed in the racing field. This livery demonstrates the environmental awareness of Honda, Repsol and all the sponsors of the Repsol Honda Team.

On top of the excellent environmental performance - zero emissions in particular CO2, whilst riding, the EV-neo uses a motor that even with cargo loaded, generates high torque in the low-speed range to achieve a powerful start and hill-climbing performance. This in-house manufactured motor adopts the Insight technology from Honda's leading hybrid automobile, and an exclusively developed quick charger enabling full recharge in 30 minutes in a 25°C environment allows charging to be conducted at convenient intervals during the working day.

The EV-neo has been developed as a complete electric scooter that can be used in a wide variety of business situations. A body design, which features a wide and flat loading space that enables easy loading, and a flat floor that makes it easy to get on and off the vehicle, ensures ease of use in delivery services and other business situations..

Currently only available in Japan, the EV-neo is already being widely used especially in delivery service companies such as fast food delivery and newspapers. Initial feedback shows that users appreciate its low noise (especially at night and early morning), emission free clean exhaust and quick charge system. International availability of the EV-neo is yet to be decided.

Honda pioneered the electric motorcycle segment in 1994, when the company leased a limited number of CUV-ES electric scooters (first-class motor-driven cycle in Japan, for engine displacements of 50cc or less) to national government agencies and local government bodies . By offering products with outstanding environmental performance to more customers, Honda is showing it's commitment to reduce emissions, in particular CO2, on a global scale.

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