Welcome 2012!

2011 leaves behind it a wake of economic collapse, political upheaval and the continuation of a tightening noose of Laws stripping the People of their freedoms. On the plus side we also saw some amazing new technology unveiled, including Kawasaki's new ZX-14R and Ducati's 1199. Oh, and everybody has a tablet.

2012 promises to bring us solar flares, the approach of Niburu, end of the Mayan calendar, SOPA, the dwindling embers of the Dollar and yet another election. Will we finally see change? Will the People stand up to their Government and the mainstream media? A Revolution?

Just remember - "Don't believe the Hype", and if it all goes sideways - "Don't forget your towel".

Oh... and we see that frEEk has found a new mobile command post (above) to run the site from. He's taking it mobile, and he's coming to a Ski Hill near you!

Wishing all our readers and members a fantastic 2012.

Happy New Year!

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