Fans Pack Angel Stadium for 2012 Monster Energy Supercross Opener

The Monster Energy Girls launch T-shirts into a sold out crowd, in skirts too short to cover their bottoms (there is something at Supercross for everyone). People are packed into Anaheim’s Angel Stadium up to the nose bleeds waiting to be thrilled. The fireworks go off and the National Anthem is sung, and if you are still in line for food or the portable potty, you will miss the show. No shortage of long waits at this sold out event.

Lites Heat 1, 6 laps

#28 Tyla Rattray came out of the gates first and held on to the lead through the first few corners until #58 Wil Hahn overtook and held onto first place to the end, giving #28 Tyla Rattray the second place finish. #38 Marvin Musquin took third, #34 Cole Seely finished fourth, and #51 Travis Baker rounded out the top five riders.

Lites Heat 2, 6 laps

#31 Martin Davalos took the first place lead in the first lap and fought off the other racers to take the first place finish. #15 Dean Wilson took second from #112 Ryan Marmot in the second lap and held it until the end. #50 Nico Izzi battled with #105 Z.Osborne over fourth with Z. Osborne taking fifth.

Supercross Heat 1, 8 laps

#800 Mike Alessi came out hot and held it in front for the first two laps until passed by #22 Chad Reed in the third lap. #22 Chad Reed held the lead to take the win followed by #800 Mike Alessi in second, and in third place #1 Ryan Villopoto working his way up in the pack past #18 Davie Millsaps in the last lap followed by #65 Rick Morais who finished fifth. Three riders did not finish: #75 Josh Hill, #212 A. Albers, and #56 Austin Stroupe.

Supercross Heat 2, 8 laps

#7 James Stewart, in the first race of 2012 knows how to thrill the audience. Starting the race in fifth place he battled his way up to take first in the fourth lap and held it, giving his true fans hope that the personable face of Supercross is back to entertain his faithful fans. Of course there were other riders in the race, all with great fan support. #5 Ryan Dungey shadowed Stewart for a second place finish and #29 Andrew Short took third. #21 Jake Weimer finished fourth after successfully passing #9 Ivan Tedesco in the last lap.

Last Chance Qualifier Lites, 4 laps

#17 Eli Tomac took first place early and held it to win it. #53 Ryan Sipes placed second and #170 M.Leib filled out the top three with only the top two advancing to the Lites finals.

Supercross Last Chance Qualifier, 6 laps

#83 Kyle Partridge headed the pack in the first lap only to be passed in the second lap by # 10 Justin Brayton who claimed the win and advanced to the finals along with the second place finisher #32 Thomas Hahn (older brother of Wil Hahn) also on a Honda.

Lites Main Event

#59 Vince Friese, Honda lead the Lites Main event but was soon overcome by #28 Tyla Rattray, Kawasaki on the second lap. On the fourth lap the race had a new leader #34 Cole Seely, Honda. Cole Seely had a 2.7 second lead by the tenth lap. # 28 Tyla Rattray slipped behind in second. #15 Dean Wilson, Kawasaki claimed third in the third lap and had a four second lead over the fourth place holder before he dropped to finish sixth, giving #17 Eli Tomac, Honda the third place finish. In fourth place was #38 Marvin Musquin, KTM in front of #53 Ryan Sipes, Yamaha crossing the finish 22.3 seconds behind the winner #34 Cole Seely. #31 Martin Davalos and #43 Christian Craig did not finish.

Supercross Main Event

#1 Ryan Vilopoto, Kawasaki had gained a 3.4 second lead over second place #22 Chad Reed, Honda by the second lap of the race. #5 Ryan Dungey, KTM was third with a 10.2 second gap behind Villopoto by lap four. #7 James Stewart, Yamaha lagged 17 seconds behind the leader by lap seven. Trailing behind James Stewart in fifth place was #9 Ivan Tedesco, Kawasaki. With the only thing changing in the top five riders being the increasing lap times behind Villopto, the crowd turned its attention to the battle for second. Stewart fought past Chad Reed on the fifteenth lap only to fumble and fall onto a tuff block and land himself in seventh place on the seventeenth lap. Second went to #22 Chad Reed and third to #5 Ryan Dungey. #10 Justin Brayton, Honda followed in fourth finishing 30.5 seconds behind the leader. #9 Ivan Tedesco raced a strong main event riding in fifth place until the nineteenth lap which saw him fall back and finish in 13th.

The fans were on their feet and cheering up to the end of the race. #7 Stewart finished in sixth place, but true Stewart fans will be talking about the almost pass that nearly got Stewart in front of Chad Reed, and will be waiting for it to happen for their favorite rider in the next race. Chad Reed fans will see this race as a hopeful trend of races to come, a sign that what almost happened tonight is as close as James is going to get to passing Reed this season – as Villopoto races in front, untouchable with a 12 second lead.

Provided there are minimal injuries this season, it could be almost anybodies race – for second that is. First seems to be spoken for.


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