Auf Wiedersehen to the Liter Bike King? BMW Halts Sales of S1000RR -Massive Recall Pending?

The Internet was ablaze this weekend with rumors that BMW had halted the sale of its horsepower King, the S1000RR. With no official word from BMW, speculation for the reasoning of the halt sale has fueled discussion based on comments made in various forums by BMW dealer employees and customers that the recall not only includes the 2012 model, but possibly previous incarnations of the machine as well.

Though some focus is on mechanical issues like those that dealt a deadly blow to Kawasaki's 2011 ZX-10R release, there have also been suggestions that BMW has finally been pinched in the decade plus long "gentleman's agreement" that left Kawasaki's 2000 ZX-12R as the last remaining "unrestricted Superbike" for sale to the general public.

Official word from Bavaria soon...

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