Friday June 18th, 2010
Keep Believing In Yourself
I once had an acting coach who told to me to read a book by Rhonda Bryne called the
“Secret” that teaches the most powerful law in the universe- The Law of Attraction. She had everyone of her students read this book cover to cover to learn how every action and thought you make affect the outcome of each situation. I learned that when I think about something happening it most of the time will, good or bad. The book helped me realize that a positive attitude towards life and a good heart will help your dreams fall into place. It’s all about believing in yourself. Without this I don’t think that my racing and journalism career would be at where it is today.

Everyone goes through a time in your life when you feel that you just don’t know where your life will go. I’ve always had a dream of becoming a championship racer and one day using my racing knowledge to report from the pits but after I had accomplished this, I wasn’t sure what my next step would be. I got accepted into the college of my dreams- Rollins College and was ready to work towards my degree in media studies but still needed to do more. As I am still not completely healed from a bad concussion and trying to avoid surgery on a dislocated shoulder I was so upset that I would not be able to race a full season (again) this year so I focused my time on rehabilitating and working on other projects like MTV Cribs. Although I felt down about not being able to race full time, I still kept my goals insight.

My first semester at Rollins was a little bit tough. I wasn’t exactly used to professors and a classroom atmosphere again since I had been privately tutored throughout high school but after a few weeks I got the hang of things. College can be very intimidating but I learned to not let any professor knock me down and still stand up for what I believe in. I even surprised myself by achieving a better grade than I had thought in my Ethics class. Trying to practice, go to rehab for my shoulder, work on TV projects and travel was very difficult to do because some professors can not stand it if you miss just one class even if you keep up with the work. One of my professors would even make a few smart comments to me during class about staying so busy; I made him realize that the reason why I was accepted to the college was because of my career and that wasn’t going to go away.

Now that I am on break, my Dad and I are getting everything prepared for my attempt at breaking a world land speed record on an Aprilia RS50 at the Bonneville Speedweek in August. Back in February I was approached by Paul Livingston of Spider Grips and Faulkner/ Livingston Racing about riding for their team at the salt flats, of course I couldn’t deny this offer! Since it will be my first time out there I’m a little bit nervous but mostly just excited because this is something I have wanted to do forever. I could not be more thankful for this opportunity.

Before I head out to Bonneville, I am hosting an episode of Dean’s List on MTVU (MTV’s College channel) which is a top 10 music video countdown. Of course my countdown is mostly country but I’m sure you all will enjoy it. Each song has helped me get through a race. I’m not sure of the exact air date but I will let you all know as soon as possible!

All of these awesome opportunities that have arose made me realize just how lucky I am and how believing in yourself can absolutely affect your dreams. I have overcome a lot of personal speed bumps in life to continue a flourishing career and would encourage anyone to do what makes you happy. My advice for anyone is to take a breather when you feel stressed but use this time step away and look at your achievements. This should inspire anyone to keep pushing on harder! Wish me luck at Bonneville!

Here is a snapshot of the style of my Dean's List Countdown!

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